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Clarke Yancey


Patience Williamson

Ingredient Commitment


We think it is important to take care of our body and hair with ingredients that are pure. Ebony Roots makes it a goal to use all natural ingredients with the most natural preservatives. 

Nut free?
Yes, nut free! We understand that many natural products (including some of ours) may contain nut ingredients. We have done our best to be careful while creating our products each and every time. If you have an nut allergy look for items with this logo! 
Our Story


We are a natural skin and hair care company that's mission is to provide the most natural choice of products for all skin types, as well as afro textured hair. Ebony Roots began with two friends with aspirations of creating an all natural body and hair care company. Our motivation is to make products available for safe use all over the body.

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